Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bloodied Banal wins by technical decision


Lapu-Lapu City – There is a thin line between being entertaining and being irritating.

I'm not really sure at what point Tyson Cave crossed the line. But the boos got louder as the fight progressed. Cave tried to get inside AJ Banal's head. He also managed to enrage the thousands in attendance.

The two southpaws played cat and mouse. Cave did more clowning that fighting. He was a slippery customer and Banal had difficulty landing a clean shot.

As the rounds passed, Banal did deliver the harder punches. Cave would turn and get hit in the buttocks. There was holding and pushing and other extra-curricular activites. Referee Tony Pesons had a hard time maintaining order. Cave moved, danced and clinched. What Cave didn't realize was that you don't get points for making the other guy miss. Punches score points.

In the fifth, a clash of heads opened acut on the corner of Banal's right eyebrow. Blood poured out of the wound and Banal continued to press. Wrestling sequences ensued and Banal was thrown to the canvas on several occasions. They traded low blows and the crowd 's jeers got louder. Cave's attempts at offense were few and far in between.

The Bazooka from Ermita tried to fight, the Prince of Hali tried to run and hold. In the 8th, the bleeding got worse and ring physician Dr. Jose Unabia recommended the fight stoppage. The scorecards read 79-73, 78-74 and 78-74 all for Banal who retains his WBO Asia-Pacific bantamweight title.

Insults from the crowd were directed into Cave's corner. One of Cave's gloves was thrown into the crowd apparently by one of his cornermen. Cave wanted the Cebuanos to remember him; this fight sealed his infamy.


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