Thursday, May 26, 2011

Actors' alleged nude photos leaked


MANILA, Philippines – A nude photo of a person alleged to be showbiz newbie Mikael Daez had been made public Monday by a blogsite.

This is the first time an actual photo relating to the matter had surfaced even as rumors of its supposed existence already started making the round of rumor mills over two months ago.

The man in the picture is seen fully nude, holding a camera on one hand and what appears to be his genitalia with the other.

Although the man in the picture bears a resemblance to the model-actor, the blogsite,, is steering clear from possible legal repercussions, making no claims of proving the person’s identity. It simply asked: “Is this Mikael Daez in the photo or is he just a look alike?”

The site also invited its readers, including photo experts to make their call. As of this writing the page had received 1341991 hits.

Although a number of visitors were doubtful of the photos authenticity, some were convinced. “Mukhang siya nga,” said one.

Then again, there are also those who couldn’t care less. “He's a nobody from nowhere with nothing! Why are we even wasting time on this person,” said another.

The 23-year-old Daez had earlier refuted the possibility of him having nude photos, saying he wouldn’t dare pose in that manner.

Earlier this month, he also parried insinuations of him having a sex video.

"Wala 'yon," said he in an interview with PEP.

Daez was seemingly unperturbed with the rumors saying in the same interview, “I don’t mind things like that.”

Daez was a former model who recently shifted to acting by playing a significant role in GMA-7's “Spooky Nights Presents: Bampirella” opposite popular actress Marian Rivera. They are paired anew on the upcoming GMA series "Amaya." Daez is also set to be seen on the big screen via the remake of camp classic, "Temptation Island."


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