Friday, July 22, 2011

Melanie Marquez's new English gaffes create a stir in Twitterworld

MANILA, Philippines – Melanie Marquez created a stir once again, and this time it reached all the way into Twitterworld. During a guesting on Vice Ganda’s show, “Gandang Gabi Vice," the former beauty queen once again became a source of English faux pas.

Melanie’s appearance on the comedian’s show became a trending topic on Twitter the night the episode aired, as reported by Mario Dumaual on “TV Patrol,” July 21. Excerpts of Melanie’s chat with Vice Ganda were likewise shown on the said “TV Patrol” episode.

While engaging in banter with Vice, with the two discussing personal style, Melanie quipped, “Kung ano ang sinusuot mo kaya mong dalhin. Hindi kailangan na maging signatorial ‘yan or whatever,” she said.

Surprised with the word “signatorial,” Vice quipped, “Signatorial po?”

Sensing the blunder, Melanie just let out a hearty laugh.

Instead of being mad, with great humor the beauty queen model also reminisced about her encounter with British guy who asked for her calling card.

“Nagalit ako. Sabi ko why should I have a calling card. I’m not a call girl,” she unabashedly recalled.

On her classic line, “Don’t judge my brother; he’s not a book,” pertaining to Joey Marquez, Melanie explained, “Nakalimutan ko ‘yung saying na, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ Na-say ko, ‘Don’t judge my brother.’ Sa loob loob ko, ‘Melanie tapusin mo, tapusin mo ang sentence mo.’ Ang sabi ko, ‘he’s not a book’.”

Proceeding with the interview, Melanie was asked who her local idols were. Citing no one, she instead rattled off a few Hollywood names.

“Si Shan Pen (Sean Penn) gusto ko ‘yan, si Anthony Humpkins (Hopkins) at saka si Sean,” she said without batting an eyelash.

Melanie’s flawed English has become her sort of trademark since she joined the Miss International pageant, where she uttered this now classic line, “I won’t change my legs ‘coz I’m contented with my long legged.”

After watching the “Gandang Gabi Vice” episode, netizens had a field day over Melanie’s English gaffe.

A certain jennyfreyes tweeted on July 21, “Sean Pean, Anthony Humpkins and Sean Cunnery! I love Melanie Marquez!”

For venusjoym, “The English of Melanie Marquez is so subversively funny – winner”

Another follower of Melanie’s named mara_v_, tweeted, “Melanie Marquez's favorite hollywood actors are ‘Shen pin and Anthony humpkin’ I love you Melanie Marquez!”

As for PinayPsycho, “Panalo yung interview ni @vicegandako ko kay Melanie Marquez! Signatorial! #melanism”

YourConnoisseur also expressed amusement over Melanie’s newly-coined word as he tweeted, "’Signatorial!’- Ms. Melanie Marquez, Ms. International 1979 #ikawna #melaniemarquez”

Meanwhile, in her recent “Tanong All U Can” segment on “Showbiz News Ngayon,” Melanie was asked about her insecurities in life. She said there were none.

"Kahit nga ang English ko, wala akong pakialam. Hindi ako nai-insecure kahit pagtawanan nila ako. As long as I make everybody happy and I don't hurt anybody, that's more important to me," said she.


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