Sunday, July 24, 2011

'Talentadong Pinoy' dark horse Dancing is fun up for championship


MANILA, Philippines — Only 0.2% separated “Talentadong Pinoy” Wild Card finalists Dancing is fun from their closest rival, Cercados Sisters, but it was enough for the former to trounce the competition and advance to the grand finals of TV5’s banner show.

The decision was announced in the “Make It or Break It” episode of “Talentadong Pinoy” that also featured Wild Card finalists Tasmania Dance Group, Sor Apao and Excel. The five contestants performed a number each, as well as participated in group production numbers, all of which were scored accordingly by a jury and celebrity judges Lucy Torres, Mr. Fu, Jose Javier Reyes and Alice Dixson.
In the first round, the Cercados sisters seemed to have had the upperhand after the judges gave them not just one but two 100% scores versus Dancing is fun’s highest score of 98%. Some of the judges’ comments about the real-life sisters also seemingly indicated they have a strong chance of winning: “You don’t belong in this stage, professionals na kayo,” “Walang mapintas sa performance sa sobrang dami ng highlights,” and “Sigurado ba kayo na di kayo special guests?”

Ultimately, however, the four charming kids of Dancing is fun with their lithe bodies and sharp dance moves, was the group’s ace. The six-man strong dance group from Catarman, Samar Leyte also had a back story that got people sighing. Apparently, Dancing is fun almost didn’t make it to the auditions of “Talentadong Pinoy” due to a storm and because all the buses going to Manila were packed that day. The group had to seek help from their mayor, who then provided them with transportation.

While the judges were giving out comments on the first performance, one of the youngest male members of Dancing is fun became emotional and started crying especially over the remark “you are the one that got away.”

Note that the Wild Card finalists are those that were given another chance to make it to the grand finals after they got eliminated from the show even before they could rack up the required number of winning weeks in order to become grand finalists.

According to a source, the fight between Dancing is fun and Cercados sisters was so close that their final scores had to be tabulated and verified thrice in order to ensure the true winner is proclaimed.

The most recent winner of “Talentadong Pinoy” is sand artist dubbed Joseph The Artist. One of his biggest rivals then was dance group Belinda Adora’s Stepkids.

“Talentadong Pinoy” airs on TV5 every weekend after “Wil Time Bigtime.” The show is hosted by Ryan Agoncillo, who recently announced plans for the show to go international.

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