Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why Incubus matters that much


MANILA, Philippines -- More than 8,000 Pinoys managed to catch Incubus perform live, July 28 at the newly renamed Smart Araneta Coliseum -- typhoon Juaning and an Azkals game notwithstanding.

True to form, the California-based rockers delivered, holding together the sea of worshipers who filled up the Big Dome to the rafters with a hits-laden set starting with the opening song “Megalomaniac.”

“You guys are amazing!” lead singer Brandon Boyd uttered as spectators sang along to the all-too familiar “Drive” lyric “Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there” as performed mid-show. It is arguably the most inspiring song in the band’s growing catalog.

Boyd played vocal volleyball with Pinoys throughout, as the audience kept singing along to every song they played.

Incubus has truly captured the attention of the 21st century Filipino music enthusiasts. Their four number one singles (according to the US Alternative Songs chart), namely “Drive,” “Megalomaniac,” “Anna Molly,” and “Love Hurts” had a lot to do with that, along with “Wish You Were Here” and “Talk Shows On Mute.”

No doubt, the group's versatile catalog continues to attract believers and converts. Even critics generally find the band's music to have been done in good taste-- not too mainstream but not too out-of-this-world either. For instance, “Pardon Me” features an innovative rap-like verse but it also surrenders to a ground-shaking, hook-filled chorus. Meanwhile, “Talk Shows On Mute” bears the mark of an ’80s tune, melody and stylistically.

A unifying force in the band's musical diversity is the distinctive vocals of Boyd. The man is a genuine musical idol. He commands and captures the imagination of his audience. His charisma can melt a woman’s heart even as it inspires a rock star-wannabe.

During the concert, Boyd seldom talked, save for some thank yous and mentions of Manila. But each time he said something, the crowd wildly cheered -- the power of a well-liked artist!

Despite the fact that this has been Incubus’s third Philippine visit (made possible by Ovation Productions), it 's clear that Pinoys just can’t get enough of them. While they’ve already released a “Greatest Hits” album before the last decade ended, the group’s new CD “If Not Now, When?” is an apparent statement alluding to the fact that they’re definitely not done yet.


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