Thursday, August 04, 2011

Korean actor's driver's license suspended


MANILA, Philippines - Korean authorities has suspended the driving license of Korean actor and singer Kim Jung Hoon after the latter was caught driving under the influence of alcohol in Gangnam, Seoul in the morning of July 30.

The actor was reported to have been drinking in a restaurant at around 10 a.m. on the same day. According to reports, a concerned citizen called the attention of the local police after seeing the latter board his Mercedez Benz looking drunk.

After being flagged down, subsequent testing showed that Jung Hoon's blood alcohol level measured 0.129 percent, which was enough to get his license canceled. Police said that Jung Hoon didn't contest the charges.

The incident came just as Jung Hoon was restarting his show business career. He just finished serving in the military for two years, after being discharged only last February.

Jung Hoon’s Korean drama “I Need Romance,” his first drama after his military discharge, aired its last episode on August 2.

Before the incident, Jung Hoon was scheduled to host a TV program in Japan.

Jung Hoon shot to fame when he starred in the hit Korean drama “Princess Hours” in 2004. Before becoming an actor, he debuted in Korea as part of the singing duo UN in 2000, which eventually disbanded in 2005.


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