Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kris, Diether at Salcedo market


MANILA, Philippines — The gloomy weather brought about by incessant drizzle courtesy of typhoon “Mina’’ makes it relatively difficult to do the usual chore of shopping for food at the open weekend Salcedo market.

But Saturday was a bit different.

A couple of special shoppers — presidential sister and television icon Kris Aquino and actor Diether Ocampo — provided a spark to an otherwise drab market day when they came to visit the place with TV camera to boot.

Though, there was no usual screaming, stall owners, keepers and shoppers alike stopped for a moment to ogle at Kris and Diet, who both appeared in the recent horror flick “Dalaw.’’

Both would gamely pause for a moment to greet shoppers and stall owners/keepers awed by their presence, particularly Kris, who was wearing a rainbow-colored stripped shirt jeans and red shoes.

The two celebrities were toured around and briefed about the specialty of almost each stall by the daughter of Bel Air's barangay chairman Constancia Lichauco.

At one point of the tour, Kris, who bought hamburger presumably to bring home to sons Joshua and Bimby, was heard asking "Diet, what's your favorite vegetable?"

Though, Salcedo organic market is no foreign to celebrity shoppers – be it diplomats, expatriates, politicians, bankers, or television and movie personalities – the visit was but fleeting, it created a stir, and injected a bit of adrenalin to an otherwise dreary Saturday.


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