Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fake antivirus spreading via Skype

source: gmanews.tv

After spreading through poisoned search results and fake websites, fake antivirus software is spreading via a new medium: automated Skype calls.

The calls claim to be an “automated computer system alert" adding the prospective victim’s computer is not secured, according to computer security firm Sophos.

“Attention: this is an automated computer system alert. Your computer protection service is not active. To activate computer protection, and repair your computer, go to [LINK]," a Sophos blog entry quoted the robotic voice in a prerecorded message.

But as expected, the link takes the victim to a page that shows the typical “Computer protection inactive. Scanning… Viruses found!" message.

The victim is then urged to shell out $19.95 to get the offered “protection."

However, the scammers will also ask the victims to give out their personal information.

“Of course, if you don’t want to receive unsolicited Skype calls the best thing to do is change your privacy settings so only users listed in your contacts list are allowed to get in touch with you," Skype advised.

source: gmanews.tv

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