Thursday, September 01, 2011

Maria Aragon to sing national anthem in Manny Pacquiao's fight

MANILA, Philippines - YouTube singing sensation Maria Aragon is getting big breaks one after another, the latest of which is being selected by world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao to sing the Philippine national anthem in his fight against Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez in November.

“Yes I’m really excited,” Maria told "Showbiz News Ngayon" about the matter. “It happened all very quickly and I’m so very thankful for getting the chance to do this. It’s an opportunity that a lot of singers don’t really get.”

She said she knows the lyrics of the national anthem but “I’m still practicing on how to pronounce (the words).”

Maria’s selection to sing the national anthem is just one of the string of opportunities that has landed on her lap. She was recently chosen to sing the theme song of “Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition.” Her song, “Bilib Ako Sa ‘Yo” evokes hope among the young contestants in the show.

“It’s very motivational. It’s like kaya mo ito. It’s kinda like a theme song for kids who really wanna reach their dreams,” Maria explained about the song.

Maria also expressed appreciation of her fans’ support. “Everything has been unforgettable. I have, like, a fan club that goes to all my shows. They have, like, a tarpaulin and has my face on it. It’s really cool and it’s the first one that I’ve seen of me. They’re really, really supportive that’s why I really, really love the Filipinos...” she said.

Maria nevertheless feels homesick for having been away from her home in Canada.

“I really really miss Winnipeg because it’s like this has been the longest that I’ve been away from my home. All my family and friends are there,” she said.

While here, Maria visited her relatives in Ormoc and Laguna.

“When I came to the Philippines I had so many family members and they’re very, very unforgettable. Hopefully I can see them again.”

Maria arrived in the country on July 20 to sign a contract with Star Records. She has already launched her eponymous album containing her version of “Born This Way,” as well as the theme song of “Way Back Home.” She will return to Canada on Sept. 8.


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