Monday, September 19, 2011

Pediatric liver transplant patient dies


MANILA, Philippines — The country’s first successful pediatric liver transplant died of dengue fever last Sunday, doctors from the Medical City confirmed Monday.

In a statement, the hospital officials said four-year-old Erica Buenaventura was rushed to the Medical City Wednesday last week due to flu-like symptoms that was later diagnosed to be dengue fever.

“Her condition rapidly progressed to Dengue Shock Syndrome. Her heart was affected by the dengue virus, a condition called Dengue Myocarditis. Despite intensive care, she succumbed to severe heart failure,” the Medical city media statement read.

Erica was diagnosed last year with end-stage liver disease complicated by portal hypertension which causes life-threatening bleeding from the gut. She also suffered from malnutrition and rickets as a complication of her chronic liver disease,” it added.

Erica was the first successful case of pediatric liver transplant performed by the Center for Liver Disease Management and Transplantation of the Medical City last January 7, 2011.


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