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Shamcey Supsup's past revisited, defends Miss Angola from malicious rumors


MANILA, Philippines – In the second part of Shamcey Supsup’s exclusive interview on “The Buzz,” aired on Sept. 18, a video clip was aired wherein viewers got a glimpse of her past and her character away from the spotlight.

Speaking about the Shamcey he knew from way back, her high school adviser, Dr. Jose Crisologo, commented on her inherent humility. “Kung ano ang dumating sa kanya, parang ina-accept niya… na believe niya siguro it’s God’s will… Kasi hindi ko nakikitaan ng kayabangan noong siya ay naga-aral sa amin sa Makati High School.”

Likewise, Shamcey’s college professor, Emilio Ozaeta, lauded his former student. “The fact that she had the courage to do all of that, that is the quality that we want to nurture and we are proud of…”

As such, word got out that Shamcey is being encouraged to teach at her university, as noted in the report by “The Buzz.” And while this possibility wasn’t really expounded on, Dean Mary Espina of UP Diliman’s College of Architecture nevertheless gave her opinion on Shamcey.

“To me she personifies beauty’s essence of honor and excellence; and now, universal beauty, not just in physical looks but also in conviction,” Dean Espina declared.

The overflowing love and positive vibes for Shamcey has become a cause for joy for her father, Timoteo Supsup. Noting that, “Maraming salamat po at merong inuwi ‘yung anak ko sa atin,” he reiterated his thanks to the whole nation for its support.

Meanwhile, in the live interview with Shamce, the beauty titlist had to answer some questions about her boyfriend, Lloyd Lee, whom she had already introduced to the public via reports in the media.

Although she was initially hesitant to do so for fear that he would lose his privacy, Shamcey noted, albeit a little stiffly, on “The Buzz” that, “I think it was better to be honest and truthful.”

When host Boy Abunda asked if her boyfriend understands what she has now become as the third runner-up in the Miss Universe 2011 pageant, Shamcey quipped, “He was much more prepared than I was.”

When prodded to expound on that though, she replied, “Because I didn’t have that belief in myself that I was gonna be in this position, and he had that belief in me.”

With Boy noting that attention can change people, he asked her, “How secure is your man?”

Shamcey answered, “He’s secure kasi we have centered our relationship on God.”

Once Boy reverted to asking about matters not concerning her boyfriend, Shamcey’s voice became filled with warmth once again. When asked what makes her proud to be a Filipino, she responded, “I have always been proud. I always say to people, magaling tayong mga Pinoy. We have a lot of people to be proud of, things we have achieved. I think it’s only us who look down [on] ourselves. I think we can do something big, just given a chance."

She added, “Kaya ako, proud ako na Pinoy. Gusto ko nga, kung Tagalog, Tagalog… proud ako sa wika natin.”

“The only thing that’s stopping us is ourselves,” Shamcey said.

Before ending the interview, Shamcey invited people to join the motorcade on Monday, Sept. 19, that would kick off from the Araneta Coliseum. It will head to the Quezon City Hall, through UP Diliman, then to Cainta Rizal, to Makati High School, through Ayala, and then back to Araneta Coliseum.

“Dahil sa nangyari ngayon, sana maging proud po tayo na Pinoy tayo,” Shamcey said in parting.

The life of a celebrity and other personal matters

In a report aired on “TV Patrol,” also on Sept. 18, Shamcey admitted she isn’t used to being a celebrity yet. “Kala ko, dati pinapanood ko lang ‘yan dati sa mga news,” she said.

And as with any celebrity, sometimes, personal matters are brought to the surface. For one, her lovelife has also become national fodder.

In fact, it’s been reported that her own father only found out about her boyfriend through a TV report. “Whatever it is, me and my dad are okay. He’s happy for me and I can’t wait to see him.” She also admitted being excited about her father meeting her boyfriend.

Controversy against Miss Angola

Shamcey also came to the defense of Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, who had been put in the midst of a controversy. Apparently, a paper from Argentina reported that she had used fake school records to be able to compete in another competition in England. This report was also apparently picked up by

“I really don’t know about this topic, I just learned it now,” Shamcey said. “Pero what I can say to Miss Angola is she has just has to be tough and be strong."

Her message to Miss Angola was, “Sometimes when you are in that position, people will really try to do a lot of things to pull you down. I hope the truth comes out, and I’ll be praying for you.”

The crowned Miss Universe 2011, meanwhile, has yet to responded to the controversy.

Shamcey, for her part, has only one request to fans—to be happy with the results of the Miss U coronation night. “You don’t have to bring others down to reach the top,” she reminded them.

“And it’s better na you work together… pull each other up. I don’t believe in crab mentality.”

‘Tsumani Walk’ gains momentum

GenSan is abuzz not only because Shamcey Supsup has finally come home; her now-trademark “tsunami walk” has apparently generated its own buzz and has inspired people in her hometown. In fact, “TV Patrol” reported that a five-year-old girl, Chin Chin, even wants to follow Shamcey’s footsteps while her father, Mark Mila, also idolizes Shamcey’s own father, lauding the way he has raised her daughter.

Along with major preparations by the local government for Shamcey's homecoming, people in her barangay are also busy cleaning up. Amid all that, her father hopes Shamcey would be able to focus on having their house fixed—something that would serve as a sample of her work as an architect in GenSan.

On interpreters, biggest fears and advocacies

In another “TV Patrol” report, Shamcey was queried about having an interpreter. “Hindi na po, mas gusto ko, mas iba ‘yung impact kung dire-diretso mong sinasabi ‘yung sagot mo. At kung kumportable ka naman sa Ingles, bakit hindi?”

Her biggest fear, for now, is “invasion of privacy… ‘yung you’re open to the public. Para sa akin kasi may limit lang to everything…”

As for changes she now faces, Shamcey did not really talk about herself but, instead she noted, “I think sa papa ko, malaki ‘yung pagbabago. Dati mahiyain po ‘yan, hindi po ‘yan nagpapa-nterview. Ngayon, nako, sabi ko kay papa, ‘Artista na si Papa.’”

Admitting that they haven’t had the chance to talk because of their busy schedules, Shamcey also said, “I hope nothing would change talaga in our relationship. It’s more of how people see us lang, or how people treat us—that’s a different thing. Pero… as a family, [sana] nothing would change…”

Her advocacy is education, noting, “Free quality in education for everyone who wants it, sana.”

Future starts now

Graduating magna cum laude, she was asked about her future plans—if she would pursue a career in her chosen field or would she want to join showbiz. “Ang dami ko pong pangarap. I don’t think a lifetime is enough to do everything that I want to do. But what’s sure is that I want to be an architect, I wanna teach, and whatever else I can fit in between.”

When asked for her opinion, she noted that her problem in urban development is, “Hindi mismo ang building… [kundi] urban planning, in macro scale.”

In the same “TV Patrol” interview, it was noted that there are talks of her being a tourism ambassadress. In terms of tourism and promoting our country to visitors, she said that, “Maraming magagandang places in the Philippines. So I think it’s more [a question] of security. I think a lot of foreigners are afraid to come, especially in Mindanao—ang daming magagandang places that they could go to…”

On a lighter note, when asked for beauty secret, all she said was, “Being positive lang… Ako, I’m not usually positive so I surround myself with positive people. And they give me that boost, that energy to face everything. Kailangan mo ng confidence [and] you get it from being positive.”

And because she is being touted as the new pride of GenSan (following Manny Pacquaio and Nonito Donaire), she was asked what her hometown has to offer. She responded, “Tuna!” and laughed.


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