Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2011 writing project

1. This blogsite is very cool because you can update you're self in the latest world news, sports, music and live streaming. always updated in everyday chikka and latest news here in the Philippines. this blog is very helpful to those nursing student to help them for thier assignment in nursing course. And this blog update them about what's happening in nursing world.

4.www.gochitech.blogspot.comI love gadgets. I'm strongly recommend this blog site because all article here is very knowledgeable about the latest technology and gadgets. this blogsite cool.These two people behind this blog was so very sweet I meet them last pacman fight at yellowcab.This site was so very interesting because they share a lot of life happiness in their life which is very hard to found in this world.

6. this blogsite is very awesome this is a flight of wild ventures of ms. Jezia. This site shares a wonderful stuff about food adventure, movie reviews, contest experience. The blogger behind this site is cousin of my bf. He is the one who teaches us on how to do blogging. THE MASTER. THE NUMBER 1 BLOGSITE IN SPORTS. Techpinas site is the coolest site when it comes in technology world. The blogger assures that his reader is always updated in all new technology in the world. Bro. Bo Sanchez is a very good preacher my mom is always listening to him. He is a missionary that help us to live life to the full. I met ms. Daryll Dial Villena at Nuffnag event last June she's very clever in bussiness world. This blog foodamn is very cool because this Food blog encounters around Manila and rest of the Philippines.

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