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Chynna, Railey still clicking after nearly 9 years

source: interaksyon.com

It’s just one of those things that makes you go, “Aaawwww!”

In an industry crawling with petty intrigues, rampant temptations, and downright ugly breakups, it’s always heartwarming to know that there are still showbiz couples who defy the odds and remain very much in love with each other.

The tandem of Chynna Ortaleza and Railey Valeroso is one of them. The couple has certainly come a long way since Chynna and Railey met each other on the set of GMA’s teen-oriented afternoon soap, “Click”. They’ve been together for the longest time even their fans have lost count.

But not Railey who was more than happy to do the math and let Chynna and the whole world (or at least their combined Twitter followers of over 143,000) know it has been almost nine years since they became a couple with this midnight tweet early Friday morning:

“Happy 107th month to my @ChynsOrtaleza! 9 years next month baby! I love you! J”

Just a few days ago, Chynna and Railey were on opposite sides of the political fence as they reacted to the verdict of the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

On that historic day, Chynna tweeted, “Me: Convict :) @RaileyValeroso: Acquit :) yes it is how different we are.”

Of course, Railey was not happy with the verdict but that’s no reason to start a petty lovers’ quarrel. Later that day, he tweeted, “Aryt I’ve had enough of this trial. What to do next? Ano lesgo? @ChynsOrtaleza J”

To which Chynna retorted, “@RaileyValeroso hahahaha! dying of laughter at how we are polar opposites! :D ”

Judging from their tweets, it seems that the laughter is a big reason why their relationship continues to flourish, even though it is not without its share of momentary breakups. Chynna said as much during a 2008 interview with Pep.ph when she then talked about their 5th anniversary date.

“Yung araw na yun ang pinakamaraming time na napatawa niya ako. Tawa lang kami nang tawa. Sinundo niya ako, ‘tapos nag-Starbucks kami, nag-usap, nag-drawing… Puro kain and tawa, yun ang ginawa namin that day.”

Speaking of wedding bells, the couple, believed to be already engaged, has yet to discuss such plans in public. In previous interviews, Chynna pointed out that although they do want to end up with each other, they still want to achieve many things as individuals.

Chynna has found her niche as a character actress playing mostly kontrabida roles. Regarded as one of GMA’s most loyal talents, she currently appears in the teleserye, “Luna Blanca”. She is also part of an all-female sing-and-dance trio, SH3, with LJ Reyes and Ryza Cenon.

Railey, on the other hand, is busy with his auto-salon in Quezon City and police supplies merchandise in Camp Crame. He only occasionally appears in teleseryes, his last being ABS-CBN’s “Dahil May Isang Ikaw” in 2010.

As for the secret of their staying power? Excerpts from Chynna’s 2008 blog entry pretty much sum it up:

“Ours is a love that is strong. It conquers all obstacles in its path.

“Ours is a love that is deep. It lives in our heart and soul.

“Ours is a love that is turbulent. It makes us happy then plunges us into despair.

“Ours is a love that is forever. It will never leave either one of us no matter what the future holds.”

source: interaksyon.com

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