Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cristine Reyes Hopes To Melt Ara Mina's Heart With Public Apology

source: mb.com.ph

MANILA, Philippines - In an attempt to resolve their row which spawned a legal tussle, Cristine Reyes apologized to her elder sister Ara Mina on national TV, June 24.

In her live interview on "The Buzz," the young actress directed to Ara:

“I’m sorry and I would like to apologize if ever I offended you, sumama ang loob mo sa'kin. I tried my best na pumunta sa'yo, alam mo 'yan ate. Sinabi ko pa 'yan sa ‘yo na kung gusto mo luluhod ako sa harapan mo. Noon-noon pa 'to. Sana lumambot na 'yung puso mo sa akin para maayos na itong gulo, para tahimik na, para sa ikakatahimik ng pamilya natin."

Cristine explained thereafter that she was holding back her emotions while delivering the apology "kasi gusto kong maging positive sa life."

She also gave a message to their mother, who is apparently caught in the middle of her squabble with Ara.

"Mommy, eto na. Sana maayos na. Nagkausap kasi kami lahat nung Sunday, Father's Day, so I hope maging okay na after this and I hope na matahimik na. Sana…" said she.

Ara charged Cristine with libel and grave coercion last April, grounded on the alleged below-the-belt text messages that the latter had sent her. Their row was purportedly rooted from Ara owing Cristine over a million pesos for a townhouse they purchased for their mother last year. Cristine allegedly threatened to wreck her sister's life if she doesn't pay her alleged debt.

Although she didn't seek for any damages for the cases, Ara has demanded a "sincere" public apology from Cristine,

With everything she has gone through, Cristine realized that setbacks are part of life and that one should never give up.

"Bawat problema, may natututunan ako. Do'n ako lalong tumitibay… Boring ang buhay kapag walang problema…" she related.

Those trials have also made Cristine see "'yung mga taong nandiyan talaga sa tabi ko."

"And sa totoo po, mas lalo akong napalapit kay God. Super po," she added.

Ara dissatisfied?

Despite Cristine's public apology, Ara doesn't seem sold on her sister's act. She expressed her seeming dissatisfaction also on Sunday by re-tweeting some posts from netizens who deemed that Cristine's apology was insincere.

Ara likewise posted a quotation over Twitter, which read:

"'A stiff apology is a second insult...The injured party does not want to be compensated bec he has been wronged; he wants to be healed bec he has been hurt.' -G.K. Chesterton."
source: mb.com.ph

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