Tuesday, June 19, 2012


source: mb.com.ph

“Even though New Zealand is a small country, it is globally recognized in areas such as agriculture, tourism, governance and renewable energy.

Through our scholarships programme, we seek to match these areas of expertise with the development needs of the Philippines. We hope that Filipino scholarship winners will expand their knowledge and skills in a way which can be applied in the Philippines,” states Ambassador Levermore.

NZAS is a postgraduate scholarship program funded by the New Zealand Government through the New Zealand Aid Programme. Under the NZAS awards, eligible Filipino scholars can pursue postgraduate development-related degrees in areas where New Zealand has globally recognized expertise.

Aside from agriculture, other eligible fields of study include tourism, governance, public sector management, trade, development, disaster risk management, climate change adaptation, and renewable energy.

The awards are open to eligible candidates from the public, private, and civil society sectors. And indicative allocation of 18 scholarships is made available to Filipinos who wish to study in New Zealand for the 2013 academic year. Applications for the 2013 scholarships close on August 10. Further information, including eligibility criteria and application forms can be found at the New Zealand Embassy website at www.nzembassy.com/philippines.

Interested applicants may also contact Reina Lino, NZAS Programme administrator of Bato Balani Foundation, Inc. at email address bbfi@diwamail.com or at telephone number (632) 892-5462.
source: mb.com.ph

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