Friday, June 15, 2012

New Zealand drawing up Tagalog labor migration handbooks for Pinoys


As a show of appreciation for the contribution of Filipino migrant workers to New Zealand, immigration officials there are translating handbooks on labor migration into Filipino.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said the handbooks serve as guides on migrant workers' rights and benefits, particularly in the dairy industry.

The handbooks aim to foster good working relationships between the workers and their employers and "facilitate their integration with local communities," the DFA said in a news release.

"They also serve as reference materials for employers' recruitment of migrant workers in the dairy industry and enumerate and explain the latter's rights and benefits under New Zealand laws," the DFA added.

Philippine ambassador Virginia Benavidez thanked New Zealand Immigration, Racing, and Veterans' Affairs minister Nathan Guy for the initiative.

The DFA said there are presently more than 36,000 Filipinos in New Zealand.

Benavidez and Philippine Minister Giovanni Palec met with Guy, who is also Associate Minister for Primary Industries, on May 31.

During the meeting, Benavidez also expressed appreciation for New Zealand's openness to allow an increasing number of Filipino migrant workers, especially those in the dairy sector, to work in New Zealand.

Immigration New Zealand had also set up the Migrant Dairy Workers Initiative to respond to concerns about the welfare of migrant dairy farm workers and their families.

On the other hand, Guy said Filipinos are the third highest number of skilled migrants in New Zealand.

The other discussions focused on:

the immigration status of Filipinos, including the health care and dairy sectors;
submission of documentary requirements for renewal of visas;
the current situation in the job market in New Zealand;
the excellent work ethic of Filipino workers;
the advantages of allowing Filipino workers to bring their families, and other related matters.

Meanwhile, Guy said a national census will be conducted in 2013 and this will generate more accurate data on the number and profile of the Filipino population in New Zealand.


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