Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pinoy fans 'angry,' in disbelief, after Pacquiao loses to Bradley


After Sarangani Rep. and boxing icon Manny Pacquiao lost to American fighter Timothy Bradley in the United States on Saturday (Sunday in Manila), Filipino netizens took to Twitter to express their disappointment over the judges' decision after the 12-round fight.

Pacquiao surrendered his WBO welterweight title to Bradley on a split decision at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

It was Pacquiao's first defeat since he lost to Erik Morales in Las Vegas in March 2005, ending the eight-weight division champion's run of 15 consecutive wins.

After the decision was announced, Pacquiao said he respects the younger boxer but that he believes "I won the fight."

Both Pacquiao and Bradley said they were open to a rematch in November this year.

On Twitter, Pacquiao fans expressed their disappointment and disbelief over the result of the fight:

Kirk Gimenez ‏@KirkSNY: "#PacBradley what just happened?!?! Rigged!!! Pacquiao was robbed!!!!! No way Bradley won that fight."

Ben Adler ‏@badler: "This bradley pacquiao decision is insane. Pacquiao dominated this whole fight, landed twice as many punches. Corrupt? Political?"

Railey Valeroso ‏@RaileyValeroso: "Bradley beats Pacquiao by split decision after getting knocked around the entire fight. And you thought the NBA was rigged."

Doug Liquori ‏@Padgoi: "If anyone thinks that boxing isn't fixed after this bogus PacquiaoBradley decision, you're insane. What a joke! Disgraceful!"


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