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Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

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Here are my top three 3 great finds in Mandaue Foams (Furniture Store) "Your home, your imagination."

1. MR-1271L-B Circle Mirror

This is my First Choice because I like Mirror. Mirror is always present in people’s homes being used as a vital aid for the maintenance of personal or attractive decorative items. Over the years the mirror has received numerous meanings.

There are many superstitions in romaneaca popular belief in terms that mirror the role played in human destiny.

In popular belief, the mirror reflects the truth, sincerity, heart and content of consciousness. Mirror carries the sign of harmony intact, unlike the conjugal union of broken mirror that leads to the idea of ​​separation.

Reflect a clear mirror of the emblems of purity and the Virgin Mary. At the same time, warped or dirty mirror to induce shame, self-deception and hubris.

2. Gregory Bookcase

This is my second choice because I have a lot of books in our house I want to customize it with this Unique bookcase. I think it can help me to restore my favorite books. Nice and very unique style that can add beautiful features to my room :) .

Here are some Facts about Bookcase:

When books were written by hand and were not produced in great quantities, they were kept in small boxes or chests which owners (usually the wealthy or clergy) carried with them. As manuscript volumes accumulated in religious houses or in homes of the wealthy, they were stored on shelves or in cupboards. These cupboards are the direct predecessors of today's bookcases. Later the doors were discarded, and the evolution of the bookcase proceeded. Even then, however, the volumes were not arranged in the modern fashion. They were either placed in piles upon their sides, or if upright, were ranged with their backs to the wall and their edges outwards. The band of leather, vellum or parchment which closed the book was often used for the inscription of the title, which was thus on the fore-edge instead of on the spine. Titles were also commonly written onto the fore-edge.

It was not until the invention of printing had greatly reduced the cost of books, thus allowing many more people direct access to owning books, that it became the practice to write the title on the spine and shelve books with the spine outwards. Early bookcases were usually of oak, which is still deemed by some to be the most appropriate wood for an elegant library. source:wikipedia

3. Pillow Smiles

And my Last choice is this Travel Pillow, Because I like to travel but their are some instance that I got slept while in travel. I think this Traveler’s Pillow guarantees my proper head positioning during periods of rest on long car trips or flights.

I think I will notice how much better I feel, reducing my post-trip fatigue, after I rest comfortably with this Traveler’s Pillow.

Please free to visit their website at Mandaue Foams has a Unique and Very Good Qualities of Furniture here in the Philippines.

You can also visit their showroom at this following Location:

Quezon Avenue
Corner BMA Avenue
Metro Manila
(02) 711 0801 to 03

Cainta, Rizal
KM 23, Ortigas Avenue Extension
Cainta, Rizal
(02) 656 6804

Las PiƱas
487 Alabang Zapote Road
(02) 659 5041

Mandaue, Main Office
H. Cortes Street, Mandaue City
(032) 346 5341 to 47

Near Cebu City Country Club
(032) 232 2982

Kinasang-an, Pardo
(032) 273 8763

Lopez Jaena
Corner Gonzaga Street
(034) 433 6664 to 65

J.C. Aquino Avenue
Barangay Imadejas
(085) 341 3105 to 06

National Highway, Cugman
(088) 855 8586

Limketkai Avenue
(088) 856 2372

General Luna Street
(033) 336 3986

Quintin Sales corner Tacas Road
(033) 320 3806 to 08

Barangay Mali-ao, Pavia
(033) 329 3820

Quimpo Boulevard, (in front of SM City)
(082) 297 5321

KM 7, Lanang (back of Allied Bank)
(082) 234 4900

KM 7, Lanang, Executive Homes
(082) 236 3330

Highway Apopong
(083) 554 5086

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