Friday, July 13, 2012

Sponge Cola scores four Awit nominations


MANILA, Philippines - 2012 may be halfway done, but it is looking to be a banner year for OPM band Sponge Cola. After releasing its diamond album Araw Oras Tagpuan, Sponge Cola started the year with the release of its single Stargazer, went on to represent the Philippines in the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis shortly after, and followed it up with a performance in the Middle East.

Rounding out the band’s achievements for the first half of the year are four nominations in this year’s Awit Awards, the most for any band. Nominations include Favorite Performance by a Group and Song of the Year for Tambay, Album of The Year for Araw Oras Tagpuan and Best Rock/Alternative recording for Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay. In addition, frontman Yael Yuzon is also nominated as co-producer for his work on Karylle’s highly-infectious dance track OMG culled from her Roadtrip CD.

“Music is music, I don’t really think in terms of genre. I do what I do,” says Yael.

Perhaps it is this open-minded attitude towards music, mixed with a pinch of irreverence and a knack for pushing the boundaries of the band’s sound that has allowed Sponge Cola to generate a strong following. From the band members’ days as high school students in the Ateneo to performing packed shows outside the country, the band has truly come along way.

Right now, Sponge Cola is preparing to release a regional album, as well as a key collaboration with a bunch of good friends. When asked about the line-up of the collaboration, the band vaguely answered: “It’s one big fight.”

With the milestones in the band’s career, and with a good chunk of 2012 still on the horizon, it can be said that Sponge Cola is just getting warmed up. Log on to its Facebook page ( for updates on just what Sponge Cola still has in store for the year, or follow @sponge_cola on Twitter.


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