Thursday, September 06, 2012

Gwendolyn Ruais Acknowledges Growing 'Closeness' With Mark Bautista


MANILA, Philippines - Beauty Queen Gwendolyn Ruais has admitted going out with singer Mark Bautista though, perhaps, the appropriate term to use for now is "hanging out."

“We’re good friends. We enjoy each other’s company," Ruais told PEP.

She was non-committal when asked if the relationship could blossom into something romantic.

“Nobody knows what the future holds. Pero as of now, I’m very happy about my life," she said.

Ruais is in no hurry to be in an "exclusive" relationship.

“But for the record, when I date, exclusive lang talaga, hindi naman ako nag-iiba."

Though she admitted that Bautista is the friend "closest" to her heart as of the moment, she clarified that when they go out, its always in groups since they have common friends.


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