Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pacquiao facing the final curtain?

source: philstar.com

MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao’s next fight could be his last.

And this may be the reason why the Filipino boxing superstar can’t seem to decide whom to fight, where to fight and when to fight.

He wants to make sure he gets the best deal possible, and he’s in no hurry make an announcement.

The STAR yesterday asked Pacquiao’s wife, Jinkee, if the retirement talks are true or if she’s been persistently asking the boxing icon to finally call it a day.

“Yes,” said Jinkee.

“I want him to retire as in (get) the best deal and that (this is) his last fight,” she said.

She explained that Pacquiao is not rushing things because if indeed the next fight would be his last he wants it to be the best.

Pacquiao was supposed to return to the ring on Nov. 10, and was originally given by his promoter, Bob Arum, three names to choose from. They are Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez and Miguel Cotto.

But Pacquiao wants Floyd Mayweather Jr. for his next fight, and because of the ongoing talks with the unbeaten fighter’s camp, he decided to drop the November schedule.

Arum came up with a new date which is Dec. 1 but after Cotto decided to fight someone else, on Dec. 1 in New York, they had to come up with another date which is now Dec. 8.

There seems to be no development on the Mayweather fight because for one, the flamboyant boxer just got out of prison last month, and has no more plans of fighting this year.

But if Mayweather would say he wants to fight Pacquiao by April 2013, then Pacquiao is willing to wait instead of fighting either Bradley or Marquez in December.

If Pacquiao is thinking of a farewell fight, there’s no better fight than a Mayweather fight.

Could this be possible?

“Yes,” Jinkee added.

“That’s why I told him not to rush to fight again. Rest more. He will be the one to decide when and whom to fight,” she added.

Arum said he already has an idea whom or what Pacquiao was “leaning on” and had expected Pacquiao to make the announcement last week.

But again, nothing came out.

“Let Bob Arum wait for his (Pacquiao) decision,” Jinkee went on.

The last time Pinoy boxing scribes got hold of Pacquiao weeks ago, the 33-year-old superstar sounded unsure whether he wants to fight in December.

The other day he told ABS-CBN News that he’s already thinking of retirement because his deal with his wife was that he’d retire while he’s healthy.

“Malapit na po siguro, kasi ang asawa ko, sabi niya ‘Alam mo na ‘yung ano... malapit ka nang mag-retiro (It could be near because my wife said, ‘You know, you will soon retire’),” he said.

Pacquiao said their children have been asking him to retire as well.

“They cry when they see me get hurt,” added Pacquiao, who will never run out of things to do once he leaves boxing.

He is running in the May 2013 elections. Reports said he may seek a second term as a congressman or run as governor in his province.

Then he’s also busy with his religious affairs. He’s neck deep into bible studies, and a couple of times had preached before thousands.

For Pacquiao, there’s so much more to life now than boxing.

source: philstar.com

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