Friday, September 07, 2012

'Sotto' is now a verb on Twitter


The commotion over Sotto's alleged plagiarism has transformed his name into a verb on Twitter.

The hashtag #Sinotto trended on Twitter this week after netizens posted entries of Tagalog translations of famous English lyrics and quotations (and vice versa) in reaction to the third and last part of Sotto's turno en contra versus the Reproductive Health Bill.

Parts of Sotto's speech have been called out as apparent translations into Tagalog of a famous speech by U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy delivered in 1966 to members of the National Union of South African Students at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Earlier, a photo showing the Filipino senator's speech juxtaposed with that of the late American senator began making the rounds on social media sites.

The passages were found by blogger Kim Tyrone Agapito to have been largely translated through Google Translate, with duplicate content of at least 35%.

Not long ago, Sotto had been accused of plagiarizing a US-based home economist blogger and other sources in his earlier speeches. Sotto and his staff denied the allegations.

The Reproductive Health Bill is currently pending second reading in the Senate and Lower House.

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