Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lawmakers Back Pacquiao Over Bieber


MANILA, Philippines --- The call to declare popular Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber “persona non grata” in the Philippines has started to gain more support from Filipino congressmen who are now passing a House of Representatives resolution supporting the ban.
Led by YACAP Party-list Rep. Carol Jane Lopez, the congressmen decried Bieber’s series of Instagram posts that mocked Filipino boxing idol and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao after the latter suffered a sixth-round knockout in the hands of Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.
“Banning him will show how seriously we take our national pride,” Lopez said.

Lopez, a close friend of Pacquiao, was joined by the boxer’s other Lower House colleagues, namely, Reps. Amado Bagatsing (LP, Manila); Mark Sambar (PBA Party-list); Alfredo Garbin (Ako Bicol Party-list); Isidro Lico (Ating Koop Party-list); Antonio Alvarez (NUP, Palawan); and Seth Jalosjos (NP, Zamboanga del Norte).

“It’s a matter of national pride.  It doesn’t matter if it is someone as big as Justin Bieber or just another foreign national making degrading or insulting comments about a Filipino citizen,” stated Lopez.

She said: “We are doing our best to uplift our status as Filipinos especially in the eyes of the world.  This is not a matter of becoming emotional over a so-called moment of fun for Mr. Bieber but this is in my opinion about showing to everyone that Filipinos are one in having a strong national pride.”

Lopez assailed Bieber for lacking “moral responsibility” and displaying his arrogant attitude despite being idolized by millions of youth throughout the world.

“MP (Pacquiao) is not just another Filipino.  He has become an icon and a source of national pride for all of us,” the lady lawmaker stated.

If the resolution is passed by Congress, Bieber may no longer hold a repeat performance of his 2011 blockbuster concert at the Mall of Asia.

Bagatsing, chairman of the House Committee on Games and Amusement, said he has received reports that the YouTube singing sensation’s “bratty personality” surfaced  during and after the concert.

The Manila solon said despite being treated well by Filipinos during his one-day singing stint in the country, Bieber displayed an aura of arrogance which surely lost him a big number of followers.

Sambar, who represents the sports sector in the Lower House, lamented that instead of being a model of humility, Bieber displayed an attitude of conceit.

A loyal fan of American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, who is also a Pacquiao critic, Bieber posted three pictures on his Instagram account which ridiculed Pacquiao as the Filipino ring idol lay motionless after being hit by a surprise but wicked blow from Marquez in their fourth fight last Sunday.

The first photo (which had a hashtag: “No Competition”), Mayweather is shown knocking down Marquez in their 2009 fight, hinting that Mayweather is superior over Pacquiao.

In the second photo, Pacquiao’s knocked-out figure was shown wherein a photo of Michael Jackson and two backup dancers were shown diagonally juxtaposed doing a gravity-defying dance move with a caption “Pacquiao doing the lean with MJ… Classic moment.”

The third photo showed a baby Simba (lead character in the Disney film, The Lion King) with Pacquiao’s knocked-out shot on the canvas. It was captioned: “Dad wake up.”

Lawmakers said just like all Filipinos and fans around the world, they have already accepted the defeat of Pacquiao but to be mocked and insulted through social media by Bieber should be dealt with accordingly. (With a report from Rolly T. Carandang)


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