Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 (round by round update)


Round by Round Update:

Round 1 - Both men land straights early. One-one-two from Manny falls short. JMM to the body. Marquez flurries as Manny steps in. Good left straight from Pacquiao. Marquez jabs to the body. Marquez lands a good counter left as Manny comes in. Both swing hard but hit air. Marquez hits the body, Pacquiao goes upstairs with his left.

 Round 2 - cquiao's left misses, as do Marquez's counters. Lots of feinting. Pacquiao with a right hook. Left straight to the body. Lead left from Manny connects, Marquez gets an uppercut counter out of it. Big left hand from Manny, Marquez eats it like a boss. Marquez with a right to the body. Good jab from Manny. Marquez thumps the body with a counter, then gets a left hook. Manny touches the body with his left. One-one-two lands for Marquez, right to the body. Manny did better work early, Marquez had a good last thirty seconds.

Round 3 - Left hook from Marquez. Manny with a solid jab. Good one-two from Manny and a lead left. Stiff jab. Marquez to the body. Once again. HUGE OVERHAND RIGHT FROM MARQUEZ CRUSHES MANNY! Manny's up but that was a HARD knockdown. Marquez lands it again. JMM to the body. Once again. Manny's lead left hand connects. Marquez rips to the body and they trade hard to end the round.

Round 4 - Both fighters are tentative to start the fourth. Jab from Manny. Both land their rights. Good left hand from Manny. Marquez with a solid right downstairs. Nice counter jab from JMM. Manny with a lead left off a Marquez jab. Manny with a solid combination. Lead left. Marquez to the body.

Round 5 - Manny with a tight right hook. Stiff jab from JMM. Manny's straight left connects. Short body shot from JMM and another stiff jab. Counter left by Marquez. Manny's straight left connects and down goes Marquez! Not a hard knockdown, but glove hit canvas. Marquez stings Manny after he gets up! They're trading bombs! Both men land their power hands .Lead left for Pacquiao and both guys sting each other at once with power shots. Pacquiao in pursuit! They're throwing like crazy! Manny's lead left connects again. Manny ends the round bombing Marquez in the corner.

 Round 6 - Right hook connects for Manny. Snapping jab from Marquez. Big left hands from Pacquiao, Marquez flurries in response. Two-one for Manny. Again. One-two this time, Marquez to the body in response. Manny with a lead left. Marquez with a right to the body, left downstairs and a glancing right upstairs. Marquez jab. Pacquiao with a great flurry at the ten-second marl.


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