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Linda Persson - FHM Online Babe January 2013

source:  Linda Persson - FHM Online Babe January 2013

What a way to welcome 2013!
You might know Linda Persson as the last babe standing from 2011's Ultimate Premiere Vixen search. Yep, she's a proven winner, and her granting us another stint (click here for our previous encounters with her) makes us winners, too!
We're downright lucky to have another round with this Fil-Swede bombshell, and at the freezing Imperial Ice Bar of all places! Despite the cold, she was still game, at kahit nagkaka-nosebleed na kami sa kakainterbyu sa kanya, it was well worth it. Forget the obviously toned sexy bod and angelic face, this hottie has a really sweet and perky personality. And we admit that we can't—or may never—get enough her. Then there's also the tats, we shouldn't ignore the tats...
How are you, Linda?
I'm very good, a little bit cold, but I'm fine. Ha ha!

Please refresh our dear readers about yourself

Hello, my name is Linda Persson, I'm 21 years old, half-Filipina, half-Swedish, and I've been living here in the Philippines for two years now. My Dad is from Sweden and my mom's from Cebu.

Still studying or are you modeling full-time?
I finished school back in Sweden taking up fashion design.

So you're planning to enter the fashion industry?

Maybe, it's a possibility.

You were crowned as the Ultimate Vixen for 2011, how was that like?

It has been really fun! I've been having lots of photoshoots every month together with other Vixens, so overall it's pretty great ha ha!

Was being a Vixen a part of your plan when you first came here?

Not really, modeling was. FHM and being a Premiere Vixen just sort of came along.

We did your shoot at the Imperial Ice Bar, do you like the cold?

Nope. As you can see I was really freezing earlier, ha ha! I'm not really that fond of the cold.

So soory for that. So you like warm weather then?

Actually, we're currently in the cold season here.

Definitely! I really like the heat, and the weather here is one of the reasons why I love staying in the Philippines.

Oh, that's nothing, when it's winter in Sweden, it's really, really cold. This is awesome, it's like it's always warm here, even if it's raining ha ha!
Linda Persson - FHM Online Babe January 2013
With your looks, tats, and being the Ultimate Vixen 2011 winner, do people recognize you? We couldn't but notice that you're very, uhm, inked. How many tattoos do you have?
Actually, some of them are really add-ons. But, all in all, I've already had ten tattoo sessions.

Do they have any special meaning?

The one on my back, the big tribal one, that's my first tattoo. As to why I got it, I just liked the design of it. On the back of my left ear I have a little star. It says "little star," and it symbolizes my mother, Estrelita, which I think is Spanish for, well, little star! I also have a rosary tattooed on my hand. I got it because it's so pretty, ha ha! Lastly, I have a big star on my right ear, which I got because...I dunno, ha ha!

Do you plan on having more?

Yes, I just don't know what design I'll get next. Normally I just decide on the day itself, when I'm already inside the tattoo parlor.

Yes, they do, it really happens. And it's a positive thing, I mean I like the attention, ha ha!

Good to know you're getting yours! But has it ever resulted to stalkers?

Linda Persson - FHM Online Babe January 2013No, not really. I've been pretty good on that front. The attention so far hasn't really been negative.
Great! Anyway, we heard you're active in social-networking...
Yes, in Facebook, Twitter, even in Instagram.

Would you like to invite our readers?

Sure. For Twitter, it's @PremiereVixenLP and for Facebook just search for "2011 Premiere Ultimate Vixen Linda Persson" and like my page! Thanks!

Being a social-networking junkie, does that mean you're also a techie?

I like gadgets, I like smartphones, playing games with my iPad, Xbox, and Kinect. I play shooting games and fighting games.

A hot female gamer! There's hope!

Actually, I even play Lego Batman, ha ha!

Lastly, care to greet our readers a Happy New Year?

Hi, FHM Nation! Happy New Year!


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