Saturday, January 05, 2013

Marquez camp open to fifth fight; Pacquiao denies Parkinson’s claim


MANILA, Philippines – The camp of Juan Manuel Marquez has no problem returning the favor to Manny Pacquiao by giving him a rematch if he wants.
After all, it was Pacquiao who gave Marquez another shot at redemption, something the Mexican seized and made the most of by knocking out his archrival in the sixth round of their fight last Dec. 9 in Las Vegas.
It was the most convincing bout in the pair’s storied rivalry, with their first three fights – a draw in 2004, and close decision wins for Pacquiao in 2008 and 2011 – yielding disputable results.

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez prior to their fourth fight last December. AP

In a report by’s Alfredo R. Berrios, Fernando Beltran, who represents Marquez, said they are willing to face Pacquiao for a fifth time.

"Logically, we will find what's most lucrative for him (Marquez), in order to be an important fight," Beltran told Berrios from Mexico City.

Lucrative for Marquez may mean another fight with Pacquiao.
"Juan Manuel Marquez and myself are gentlemen and we know that Pacquiao gave us an opportunity, and he didn't have to, and most probably we will give it to him," Beltran added.

Pacquiao has gone on record that he will fight again, and his trainer Freddie Roach is eyeing September for his ward’s ring return.

In the same report, Top Rank spokesman Fred Sternburg said a September comeback fight for Pacquiao is feasible.

"He's indicated he will fight again. Bob (Arum) has indicated (that it would be) September," said Fred Sternburg, spokesman for Top Rank, Arum's promotion company. "Between the suspension and the election and campaign in Philippines, we think we can do it."

This came a day after Dr. Rustico Jimenez, a Filipino neurologist, publicly made a claim that Pacquiao might be showing early signs of Parkinson’s Disease.

Speaking to a radio station yesterday, Jimenez said he has observed Pacquiao stuttering and twitching his hands during TV appearances, something he claimed are symptoms of the illness. The doctor though said he has not examined Pacquiao and was basing his claim only on the said observations.

But in a story by Rafael Soto, Pacquiao – who is currently vacationing in Israel with his family – denied Jimenez’s claims, even eyeing to fight twice this year.

“There is nothing to worry about. I am 100 percent healthy and right now I'm enjoying this memorable vacation with my family in this beautiful country of Israel. I will return to the Philippines on January 14 and in early February I want to get to the gym because I want to have a fight in April and in September I want a fifth fight with Marquez," Pacquiao said.

Nevertheless, Sternburg said they will take Pacquiao to the Lou Ruvo Center – a division of the Las Vegas Cleveland Clinic that specializes in brain – for a medical checkup.

And once Pacquiao is given a clean bill of health, they will start pursuing Pacquiao-Marquez 5.
"I think they can do it. Bob has stated it over and over. The (fourth) fight did so well financially, it is a no-brainer," Sternburg said.


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