Monday, March 18, 2013

One more fight minimum, three more maximum: Manny Pacquiao sees finish line to epic career


Manny Pacquiao is giving himself a minimum of one and a maximum of three fights before finally calling it quits.
“I am just 34 (years old),” Pacquiao said recently as he was busy attending to his businesses just before heading back to General Santos City.

Besides, Pacquiao stressed, he lives a clean life following his religious transformation.
Pacquiao used to drink, womanize and gamble as if there’s no tomorrow.

But the last 18 months, the celebrated Filipino puncher has decided to mend his ways.
The last time he had a taste of alcohol was in 2011.

“I could not remember exactly when but it was in 2011,” he said.

After the elections in May, Pacquiao said he will give attention to his boxing career.
“But as of this time, my focus is on the elections.”

Although Pacquiao is running unopposed as congressman of Sarangani, his wife Jinkee is gunning for the position of vice-governor, while his brother Rogelio is aiming for the congress seat in the first district of South Cotabato.

But when the time comes that he has to discuss his future in the ring, Pacquiao said he will make sure he returns with a big bang following his stunning sixth-round knockout defeat to Juan Manuel Marquez last December at the MGM Grand.

Top Rank head Bob Arum was a fifth fight between the two for Sept. 14.
Pacquiao said he hasn’t decided yet although Arum wants to see the two attending a huge show he is promoting in Macau on April 6.

“Wala pa,” said Pacquiao, who is being asked by his wife Jinkee to drop by Macau for a short break.
Pacquiao sounded uninterested in going.

“Puro casino lang naman ang meron doon. I don’t gamble anymore.”


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