Tuesday, April 09, 2013

3 members of Paniqui police caught beating up man on YouTube

source: interaksyon.com

Three members of Paniqui municipal police station in Tarlac are in hot water for beating up a man whom they tried to arrest. The assault on the still unidentified man was caught on video and was uploaded on the Internet. One of the policemen suddenly pushed the man until he was cornered beside a parked van. As he tried to hold on to another police officer for balance, he was kicked on the stomach and was punched repeatedly in the stomach by the third police officer. The three policemen were identified as Police Officers 2 Richelle Antonio, Herardo Bermudez, and Fernando Acosta. They were trying to arrest the unidentified man who was facing a physical injuries complaint but the latter tried to evade arrest and assaulted Antonio, a report from Senior Superintendent Alfred Corpuz, Tarlac provincial police director, said. Corpuz claimed the video did not show the entire incident. Nonetheless, the PNP leadership has ordered the relief of the three policemen who were also being investigated by the Provincial Internal Affairs Service. InterAksyon.com has yet to confirm the authenticity of the video. source: interaksyon.com

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