Sunday, April 07, 2013

Andi Eigenmann keeps busy in 2013, stars in a trifecta of films


Andi Eigenmann is on a roll. In fact she is poised to end the year as 2013′s busiest movie star.
The 22-year-old actress, who was launched as a major headliner in last year’s hit “A Secret Affair,” has not one, not just two, but three films hitting cinemas between April and the end of the year.
That’s at least one movie more than the expected output of most, if not all other, more established stars. And to think it’s only April. The first of those movies is already opening next week, April 17. It’s an indie barkada comedy entitled “Coming Soon” where Andi is the biggest name in the ensemble cast. Her next two movies, though, are as mainstream and as big as they come. One is a remake of the Danny Zialcita drama classic “Nagalit Ang Buwan Sa Haba ng Gabi” where she co-stars with Cristine Reyes, Jake Cuenca, Gabby Concepcion, and Alice Dixson.
And then comes the next offering from blockbuster director Wenn Deramas, a comedy entitled “Oh My, Mamma Mia,” co-starring comedy queens Maricel Soriano and Eugene Domingo. Both “Nagalit” and “Mamma Mia” are currently in production under Viva Films, Andi’s home studio.
Not surprisingly, Andi “couldn’t be happier” with how things are going in her career. But surprisingly it’s not exactly what she had envisioned for herself up until three years ago. “I wanted to be like my mom, dad, sister, and brother,” says the daughter of acclaimed actors Mark Gil and Jaclyn Jose and sister of indie favorite Sid Lucero. “I thought I’d be in the indie world bur doing mainstream films every now and then.” But destiny, or at least the powers-that-be in ABS-CBN, had something else in mind for the youngest Eigenmann. In 2010 she was offered the title roles in the fantaserye “Agua Bendita”, which Andi found too good to refuse. The series became an instant hit and and Andi became an instant star. Perhaps  more importantly, a promising versatile young actress was also discovered. She has since been fulfilling that promise with her every movie, starting with her first three — the comedy “Mamarazzi”, the remake of the horror classic “Ang Pridyider”, and the drama “A Secret Affair.” And now we have another three-film showcase in the offing. “What I want is to please people and also myself as an actress,” Andi says. “Kaya ko po ipasok ang sarili ko sa iba’t-ibang characters.” Sounds like a great way to be busy.

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