Monday, April 01, 2013

Matteo Guidicelli And Jessy Mendiola Reveal Having An 'Unlabeled' Relationship


MANILA, Philippines - As "Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Paraiso” nears its end, lead stars Matteo Guidicelli and Jessy Mendiola admit becoming closer to each other.
It's a far cry from how it was between them at onset. In an interview on “The Buzz,” the two said they used to be intimidated by the other's presence. Only when they got to know each other better did they become the love team that they are now; the most enduring one for the series with its six months run.
To Matteo she is ‘special’ and to Jessy, he makes her ‘happy’
“I thought that she had her own world all the time,” Matteo said of Jessy. “But few weeks ago, this is the time that Jessy and I got really, really close to each other. She even asked me ‘Why?’ (and) I said ‘I don’t know.’"
Jessy, on her part, thought that Matteo was “mayabang" that's why to her, it was "para lang kaming ‘Okay! partners tayo,’ ganyan.”

Asked directly if they are already an item, the two laughed. After a slight pause, Matteo said, “Ang masasabi ko lang, Jessy and I are in a relationship, I don’t want to put any label (on it).

"We’re not together, we’re not boyfriend-girlfriend or anything. But what we have, from my point of view and in my heart, Jessy is very special to me”

Jessy's response? “Matteo makes me happy.”

Though they are on their last shooting days, the “unlabeled" couple plans to extend their bonding beyond the series. Jessy even expressed the possibility of becoming a triathlete just so she could spend more time with the actor-athlete.

“We actually talked about it already and he told me ‘You wanna train with me for triathlon?’ I told him ‘Why not?’” she said.

When it was pointed out to her that having an “unlabeled" relationship is not common among Filipinos, Jessy said, "Well, that’s the thing... I want him to make ligaw.”

As with his recent interview on the matter, the actor cited Freestyle's song “So Slow” in describing where they are right now.

“Like the song goes ‘Take it slow,’ ‘di ba? There’s still a long way to go” said Matteo, adding,“The longer you wait, mas maganda. I haven’t met her family (yet).”

Jessy echoed Matteo's stance, saying “The best things are worth waiting for.”

Recall that the two revealed their brewing romance last February in an appearance on “Showbiz Inside Report.”


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