Friday, June 01, 2012

KC Concepcion on Blake’s Jules Knight: Close Friends For Now


MANILA, Philippines – Notwithstanding her heightened openness in meeting “new people,” it seems that for now, KC Concepcion can only offer friendship to her persistent admirers, including Jules Knight, member of the British classic-pop group Blake.

The TV host-actress took to Twitter on May 31 to express her gratitude for the friendship she has forged with Jules, whom she met in October 2011 when Blake first came to the country for a show.

“I've enjoyed getting to know him in the last few months, and realised that a close friendship is the best I can offer right now u all,” said KC.

Prior, Jules posted a series of seemingly sad tweets that went, “I think Miss KC would be too busy working to see me. As you've seen in recent interviews, KC has other priorities in life."

Interestingly, he followed these posts with a YouTube link of George Michael’s performance of the Bonnie Raitt hit, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

However things have turned for him and KC, Jules assured that he “hasn’t changed at all.”

“I still mean what I said in Manila. I love you all and KC is a great friend. Have a nice day. X,” he added.

Meanwhile, KC informed her over one million followers also on Wednesday that she has “privately spoken” to Jules “after seeing all of his tweets."

Jules got to know KC more when they met again last March, during Blake’s second visit to the country. And in what may well have been a first for KC, Jules kneeled before her on national TV to ask her out on a date.

The two just might see each other anew this year, as Jules has confirmed Blake’s return to the country in December for their Christmas shows.

In a previous interview with Bulletin Entertainment, Jules raved about KC's beauty and personality, calling her a "national treasure" and a "lovely, fantastic girl."


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