Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Run for your lives as Outbreak Manila spreads to Taguig


If you're the type of person who can list zombie survival skills on your resume, now is a good time to start training. After Outbreak Manila unleashed a zombie horde in Laguna last April, the nightmare has spread to Bonifacio Global City, where the second wave of zombies will chase runners on July 28.

Runs have been held for various causes, from raising funds to celebrating anniversaries. In Outbreak Manila, you run for your life.

Runners have three "lives" represented by red flags attached to their clothing. The objective is to make it to the finish line with at least one life left—not an easy task with zombies trying to grab the flags.

The course is five kilometers, but the zombie horde will make it difficult even for experienced runners. This time, the already unusual run is made more challenging, as it will be held at night. As Outbreak Manila puts it, "It's harder to run from what you can't see."

Despite the difficulty of the race, Outbreak Manila welcomes even non-runners. "Outbreak Manila isn’t only about people who run the fastest. Nor is it only about people who run PERIOD. It’s also about people who love zombies, and getting freaked out of their minds! Screaming in hysteria while running is optional, but highly recommended," they say on their website.

Outbreak Manila is inspired by the US event "Run for Your Lives." According to organizer Angelo Cruz, the objective is to promote running in the Philippines, and the zombies are "like a dream come true for most."

"Let's face it, everyone at one point in their lives has thought of what they would do in case the dead started coming back to life," Cruz said in an earlier report.

On Outbreak Manila's Facebook page, runners share that they had an unforgettable time at the first race.

One runner shares that he fainted during the first leg of the race, while another shares his favorite sweat pants broke. One couple even got engaged as a group of zombies closed in on them.

Registration for Outbreak Manila in BGC opens on June 22. For more information, visit the Outbreak Manila website or Facebook page.


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