Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pacquiao Wants Revenge, Not Money

source: mb.com.ph

In between giving an impromptu tour of his ultra-modern residence at Forbes Park over the weekend, Manny Pacquiao rekindled the not-so-distant memories of his epic brawl with Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas, admitting that he got hit by a perfect punch and vowing that he will rebound from that horrifying loss.

“I got caught,” said Pacquiao in Pilipino on the terrace of his P388-million house, motioning with his hands how Marquez struck him with the right hand that sent him to sleep with one second remaining before the end of the sixth round of their welterweight war at the MGM Grand.

Pacquiao said he could still vividly remember what was taking place as he was rushing in for the kill.
“I was going forward and after I faked with my right hand, I remembered that my leg hit his and…”

Then, the lights went out.

Pacquiao is so confident that that he hasn’t lost a step and remains determined that he won’t be surprised if he’d still be the betting favourite in the event he and Marquez get it on for the fifth time next year.

“I think I’d still be the favourite,” said Pacquiao, who is actually eyeing an April comeback although Top Rank head Bob Arum and trainer Freddie Roach are on the same page that the fighter needs to undergo a long rest and September 2013 is an ideal date for his return.

But Mike Koncz said he had a heart-to-heart talk with his boss a few days ago and got the assurance that he still wants to box “not just for money.”

“I asked him what he wants to do next and I even raised the issue of retirement to him but he said he wants to box,” said Koncz.

Arum said the Nevada Athletic Commission has suspended Pacquiao for 120 days, meaning he can’t enter the ring in the next four months.

Pacquiao, who was given a clean bill of health by experts at Cardinal Santos upon his arrival from the US after taking an MRI, thinks he can get himself ready for a fight in the third week of ;April.

source: mb.com.ph

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