Friday, June 08, 2012

Pacman maintains he's stronger, faster


LAS VEGAS – Manny Pacquiao’s power and speed should carry him past Timothy Bradley on Saturday.

“It’s my power. It comes from God. It’s my speed. I’m faster than him,” Pacquiao said Wednesday at the Tabu Ultra Lounge of the MGM Grand. (Related story on A-23)

Bradley had left some 15 minutes, following his own question-and-answer session with a select group of scribes, when Pacquiao came in.

Pacquiao brought his famous entourage with him, numbering perhaps more than 20, and suddenly the place looked ready to party.

But he wouldn’t stay long, because at the Hollywood Theater, inside the same hotel, a bigger press conference was on tap.

He continued to talk about the fight. He recognized Bradley’s determination to win and take away the Filipino’s WBO welterweight crown he won over Miguel Cotto in 2009.

That was the last time Pacquiao scored a stoppage that came late in the final round. Here comes Bradley, out to score the “upset of the decade.”

“I know Tim is hungry and I know his feeling. But I trained (for this fight) like I’m 26 years old. I kept pushing and pushing,” said Pacquiao.

Pacquiao is 33 and hasn’t lost a fight since March of 2005 (54-3-2). Bradley is 28 and hasn’t lost any of his 28 fights since turning pro in 2004.

Bradley is probably as hungry as Pacquiao then.

“I know Bradley is hungry and inspired to train hard for this fight. So, I, pretty sure we can give (the fans) a good fight. I will fight a good fight,” said Pacquiao.

Bradley said he will come to fight.

“Round by round,” he motioned with his hands, “I have to win.”

“I’m here to finish the job,” Bradley added.

His trainer, ex-fighter Joel Diaz, said there’s nothing much to say at the point except that Bradley, the champion at junior-welterweight, is ready.

“We’re just ready to win this fight Saturday night. There have been lot of upsets in boxing and they don’t come around often,” he said.

“We’re up for one – the upset of the decade. We’re a hundred percent ready,” said Diaz.

After all the talking, Pacquiao and Bradley were made to stand face to face, just a couple of inches apart. They posed for the cameras.

Pacquiao tried to fool around, smiling a lot, pointing to and looking for someone from among the crowd. But Bradley was in no mood to play.

He kept his game face on. Yes, he’s ready to fight.


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